For the management of lipid imbalances associated with early memory problems
Clinically proven to assist in improving:
- Long-term and short-term memories1,2
- Learning abilities1,2
Proven safe1,2

Have you been experiencing……

  • Fogginess?
  • Trouble remembering names/places?
  • Trouble finding words?
  • Losing your train of thought?
  • Misplacing items?
  • Memory loss affecting your work?

A healthy adult with early memory issues is 4.5 to 10 times more likely to progress to more serious memory problems, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.3

When there are so many wonderful things to do in life, and important memories to make, it’s essential to keep the brain healthy and make those precious thoughts last.

How can fats impact my brain?

A common myth is that early memory issues is a normal part of aging. That fact is that lipids, or fats, play an essential role in many bodily processes, especially in your brain and memory. Nearly 60% of your brain’s dry weight is made of just lipids! An imbalance of lipids is one of the factors associated with memory loss.

What is Vayacog®?

Vayacog® is not a drug nor an ordinary supplement. It is a unique supplement formulated for the dietary management of early memory issues.

Vayacog® is a nutritional approach to managing the lipid imbalances associated with early memory issue. Vayacog’s unique structure is different from any prescription or over-the-counter products in the market. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)-enriched PS-Omega-3 is a composition created through a special process to combine Phosphatidylserine (PS) and Omega-3, designed to travel to the brain and provide vital nutrients needed to manage the complex lipid deficiencies associated with early memory issues. In a preclinical study (animal model) comparing our PS-Omega-3 to common Omega-3s and PS, our composition was shown to have increased brain bioavailability.1,2 Don’t cheat your brain out of getting what it really needs!

Sound science

Vayacog® has been studied in a multi-center, double-blind, placebo controlled randomized clinical study that was published in a peer-reviewed journal publication. In this clinical study, Vayacog® was shown to improve short-term and long-term memories and learning ability.1,2

Clinically shown to:

Assist in improving short-term memory1,2
Assist in improving long-term memory1,2
Assist in improving Learning abilities1,2
Be safe and effective1,2
*Based on subset analysis of subjects with better cognitive status prior to intervention.

Our unique PS-Omega-3 structure was shown to significantly increase the bioavailability of Omega-3 across the blood brain barrier in animal model compared to fish oil alone, PS alone and PS combined with fish oil. 1,2

Who can Vayacog® help?

Vayacog® can provide those with early memory issues a concrete step forward in managing their memory through an effective and safe nutritional approach. You need to know that your memory is a key factor in your quality of life now and in the future, so does not wait.

1. Vakhapova, V., Cohen, T., Richter, Y., Herzog, Y., & Korczyn, A. D. (2010). Phosphatidylserine containing ω–3 fatty acids may improve memory abilities in non-demented elderly with memory complaints: A double-blind placebo-controlled trial. Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders, 29(5), 467-474.

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3. Reisberg B., et al. “Outcome over seven years of healthy adults with and without subjective cognitive impairment.” Alzheimers Dement, 2010 Kan; 6(1); 11-24.