IoT hardware is designed to connect with the traditional equipment like call bell and turn it into a wireless smart device. It is equipped with Wi-Fi & ZigBee, which can interface with the building automation system. It is possible for you to form an IoT network so that you can orchestrate the devices concurrently and carry out different applications with our smartphone app. Piazza can also connect with Indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors to monitor the indoor air quality in real time, and subsequently adjust the Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) output ensuring a healthy and pleasant indoor environment for senior citizens.

物聯網硬件能與「救命鐘」等傳統設備連接,並將其轉換為無線智能設備。它配備了WiFi和ZigBee,可與樓宇自動化系統連接,也可以使用Piazza的智能手機應用程序執行不同的應用程序來協調構建物聯網網絡。 Piazza還可以連接室內空氣質量(IAQ)傳感器,監控室內空氣質量,隨後調整供暖,通風和空調(HVAC)輸出,確保為老年人提供健康舒適的室內環境。


For more product details, please visit: http://www.mega-automation.com/


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