Sit & Shower

Sit & Shower, a seated fully-automatic bathing device that brings bathing independence and diginity to seniors and the mobility impaired. Having 13-angle surround water jets, Sit & Shower offers excellent and complete cleaning effect. The device can also performs automatic soaping, precise water temperature control and self-cleaning system, so as to minimize assistant from care provider. The top part of the device designated to be used as toilet, the user can go toilet and have shower at the same time.

Sit&Shower是一部坐式全自動沐浴機,可為老年人和行動不便者帶來獨立的洗浴效果。 Sit&Shower有13個角度花灑環繞式射水,提供出色全面的清潔效果。 該設備還可以執行自動加皂,精確水溫調控和系統自行清潔系統,因而減少照顧者的幫助。 該裝置安裝在坐廁的頂部,使其使用者可以同時用作坐廁和淋浴。


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