ANI Systems

由安老院舍管理者研發的一站式安老院舍管理系統,軟件包括會計管理、 醫療管理及病人資訊管理, 適合任何安老院舍使用。另外系統包括硬件,例如 : 智能叫人鐘、七天藥物藥托、床頭病人資訊電視機或護士站資訊電視機、 以及安卓手機應用程式, 結成一個全面的安老院舍管理平台。

An All-in-one solution for Managing in an Elderly Home environment; Includes features such as Accounting Management, Nursing Management, and Patient Information Management; We also have Hardware solutions such as Patient call bell Alarms; 7 Days Medication Blister Packs; Patient information display panels/Nursing information display panels as well as an Mobile Platform (Android), all integrated into the system seamlessly.