Hello Baby

Hello Baby 對於兩到三歲的女孩來說是非常有益的產品。當他們抱著 Hello Baby 並好好相處時,他們可感受到母愛。他們亦可以學習如何對待年幼的嬰兒和朋友。而對於長者,他們會記得養育子女時的那些忙碌,安寧和溫暖的日子。Hello Baby 幫助他們發現穩定的心態,鼓勵積極的交流和填補他們的孤獨。

Hello Baby is a very beneficial product for two to three year girls. While they holding and kindly spending some time with “Hello Baby,” they find out motherhood by themselves. Also, they can learn how to treat younger babies and friends. For elderly people, who had parenting long time ago, can remember those busy, peaceful and heart warming days. “Hello Baby” help them to discover stable mind, encourage active communication and fill their loneliness.