Moto Tiles

Moto Tiles 樂齡跳舞氈的設計與LEGO相類似,它可以任意組裝成不同大小和形狀。它能發出八種不同顏色。使用者須用電子軟件啓動遊戲。通過軟件,使用者可調較困難程度、玩家人數,選擇不同遊戲。遊戲種類包括: 平衡力、腦部鍛鍊、速度,等等。這裝置適合老人家來訓練他們的腦部、記憶力和身體技能。

The design of Moto Tiles is similar to LEGO Bricks. It can assemble to form different shape and size. It emits 8 lights in all colors of the rainbow. Users can start a game using the MOTO app. With an app, you can choose the different game categories ranging from brain training to testing physical abilities, the difficulty level, and the number of players. It is recommended for the elderly to use to train their speed, brain, memory, and so on.

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