Flint Rehab – MusicGlove

MusicGlove 樂齡跳智能音樂手套是一種具有感應器的復康設備,它旨在協助一些手部運動能力受損的人,改善及提升他們的手部功能。MusicGlove上的感應器能夠偵測手指的移動,使用者透過將拇指上的感應器觸碰到其他手指上的感應器來完成動作,從而進行以治療為本的音樂遊戲。

The MusicGlove is a rehabilitation device with sensor that intended to help improve hand function for people with reduced hand movement ability. The sensorized MusicGlove can detech finger movements, user plays the therapy-oriented music game by touching the sensor on the thumb to one of the other sensors in order to complete a grip.