雀巢® Mixxpro® 糊餐製作機是一個創新的自動化系統,幫助院舍或其他機構製作出營養濃縮、質感軟滑的營養糊餐,以供吞嚥及咀嚼困難長者食用。使用Mixxpro® 糊餐製作機 能方便快捷地製作糊餐,只需按一下鍵便能在 20 秒內預備好熱騰騰的糊餐,減省繁復的製作工序和時間。Mixxpro® 糊餐製作機採用自動化運作,嚴格控制每一次製作出來的糊餐都是同樣的軟滑質感,使長者安全及容易地咀嚼和吞嚥。Mixxpro®提供一系列美味可口的產品以供選擇,照顧您早、午、晚餐的需要。Mixxpro®糊餐系列營養豐富,含多種維他命及礦物質和豐富的蛋白質,讓啖啖糊餐都能照顧長者的營養需要。Mixxpro®糊餐製作機操作簡單,備有自動清洗功能,確保清潔衛生。 

Mixxpro® is an innovative automated system developed by Nestlé Health Science for the instant preparation of concentrated smooth purees to meet the needs of elderly with chewing or swallowing difficulties in institutional settings. Mixxpro® helps to save time in preparation of purees by dispensing texture-modified food automatically with only one touch, and the puree is ready in just 20 seconds. Mixxpro® produces smooth and homogeneous purees with consistent texture to allow easy and safe swallowing. A wide range of products with superior taste is offered for all meal occasions including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The recipes are concentrated in nutrition, fortified with protein, and enriched with key vitamins and minerals to make every spoon counts for the residents. Mixxpro® is easy to use with the auto-cleaning system in place to ensure microbiological safety.