SmartVest® SQL®

SmartVest® 是一件配合智能設計的背心,提供快速重複的空氣脈衝,通過高頻胸壁振盪或“HFCWO”擠壓清理氣道,增加長期病患者的自理能力,並有效改善支氣管引流 (俗稱:拍痰),增進氣道阻塞患者的健康生活。

SmartVest® SQL® delivers rapidly repeating pulses of air that squeeze and release the upper body through high-frequency chest wall oscillation, or “HFCWO”. These gentle, yet powerful “mini coughs” loosen, thin, and propel mucus towards major airway where it can be more readily expectorated or suctioned away. 

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