SmartVest® SQL®

SmartVest® SQL® delivers rapidly repeating pulses of air that squeeze and release the upper body through high-frequency chest wall oscillation, or “HFCWO”. These gentle, yet powerful “mini coughs” loosen, thin, and propel mucus towards major airway where it can be more readily expectorated or suctioned away.

SmartVest® SQL® 提供快速重複的空氣脈衝,通過高頻胸壁振盪或“HFCWO”擠壓和釋放上半身。 這些溫和而強大的“迷你咳嗽”鬆弛,變薄,並將粘液推向主要氣道,在那裡可以更容易地排出或吸走。


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