Bestic is an assistive eating device developed for individuals with decreased or no arm and/or hand function. Now you can enjoy your meal at your own pace and on your own terms.
Apart from that, not only do Bestic allow users to enjoy the meal in their own private spaces, but also with a group of people at the same time. This enhances the interpersonal relationships and the increase in communication builds mutual trust between the private health care staff and the elderly.

Bestic是一種輔助飲食設備,適用於手臂和/或手部功能減退或無手臂的患者。 現在,您可以按自己的節奏和自己的條件享用美食。除此之外,使用Bestic可以令使用者有私人的進食空間,亦可以與多人同時進餐,增加人與人之間的交流,與私人保健員之間亦可以增加交流從而增加雙方的信任。


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