CuroCell® A4

CuroCell® A4 CX10 是一款全自動且靈活的變壓床墊覆蓋系統,對預防及治療4級或以下的壓瘡/褥瘡大有幫助,產品具有特別的復蘇功能和運輸功能 (Pack&Go®功能),可單獨調節的全自動氣墊及3種不同模式:脈動、交替和恆定低壓。有研究指出,脈動模式是促使身體血液均勻流動的最佳選擇。氣泵能夠以低電壓 (12V)安全地運行。

CuroCell® A4 has an exclusive programme, Pulsating Mode. The programme is designed to assure better treatment and a more comfortable load on the user. Research shows that Pulsating Mode is the optimum choice for an even blood flow in the user’s tissues. The pump is quite and runs on low voltage (12 V), which means there is no danger should the power lead be crushed in the bed. With the CPR connection, the mattress can be immediately deflated so that HLR can begin.

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