PLS Ceiling Hoist

PLS 可以為不同環境的每個天花板提供解決方案。我們的專業工程師能夠將設計,創新技術和可靠性結合在一起,成為世界上最舒適的天花板提升系統。使用PLS傳感器運動技術、轉盤、開關和聯軸器等所有組件都非常易於操作。沒有按鈕,電線或觸點,只有傳感器。

PLS robust and reliable hoist unit can carry objectives up to 500kg with several spreader bar options to support your needs and budget. Different rail profiles and curves allow the hoist to get to every corner with less manpower and effort. Come and look for the smoothest and comfortable hoist tracking systems to build in your rooms or centres! 

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