CuroCell® AREA Zone

CuroCell AREA Zone is designed with functional mattress replacement system and self-adjusting technology. It is used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to category 3. Recommended user weight is up to 230 kg. It is a mattress system that combines air with foam for effective pressure redistribution and great comfort. The mattress is self-adjusting and non-powered. It is a flexible mattress replacement system that can be easily used in all kinds of healthcare settings. The mattress has good properties regarding pressure, shear and moisture, three important elements related to effective prevention or treatment of pressure ulcers.

CuroCell AREA Zone comes with an elastic and flexible cover that is removable. It has a well-documented standard of hygiene and has welded seams. The soft and elastic material is vapour permeable which reduces risk of skin maceration.

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