龍骨王是台灣第一個將軟體應用於復健領域的產品。其軟體應用的主軸包括 復健訓練、復健評估、健康促進團體運動等,並提供專業、多功能的整合系統協助醫療人員量測判別、追蹤管理與給予安全有效的復健計畫。目前龍骨王的復建系統已廣泛地被醫學中心及指標性安養機構採用,包含臺大醫院復健科、三總神經內科、雙連安養中心等,同時亦登陸中國、新加坡、日本等海外市場。

LongGood is the first rehabilitation software in Taiwan.With well-developed rehabilitation training programs and physical fitness assessment tools, patients can be treated with high quality rehab service anytime, anywhere. Our system is designed with medical professionals and has been used extensively in many medical centers and relevant institutions. It not only increases patients’ motivation in trainings but also saves lots of time for both therapists and patients. Combining with a cloud platform which generates real-time data, our rehabilitation system allows medical practitioners to monitor patients’ training performances and arrange suitable trainings based on patients’ needs.